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The first issue of The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE) was in October 1948. The Transactions of the KIEE is a monthly periodical published on the 1st day of each month.

KIEE is an official publication of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers. The aim of the journal is to publish the highest quality manuscripts dedicated to the advancement of electrical engineering technologies. The Journal contains papers related to electrical power engineering, electrical machinery and energy conversion systems, electro-physics and application, information and controls, as well as electrical facilities.

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Trans. Korean. Inst. Elect. Eng.

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This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) grant funded by the Korea government.

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Since first publication of the first proceedings in 1948, the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE) published its proceedings bimonthly from 1969, and then monthly from 1979. From the July issue in 1982, KIEE divided its publications into the KIEE Proceedings and KIEE Transactions and published them monthly. From January 1999, KIEE published KIEE Transactions by dividing it into four separate books for A, B, C and D sectors, respectively. Since January 2007, it has combined them into one volume and has been publishing KIEE Transactions monthly.

- Publication History of KIEE Transactions

▶ Oct. 1948 Published the first issue of “Electrical Engineering”
▶ Jun. 1962 Changed the journal name from “Electrical Engineering” to “KIEE Proceedings”
▶ Jan. 1964 Published the proceedings quarterly
▶ Oct. 1969 Published the proceedings bimonthly
▶ Jan. 1979 Published the proceedings monthly
▶ Jul. 1982 Divided the proceedings into “KIEE Proceedings” and “KIEE Transactions” and published them monthly, respectively
▶ Jan. 1995 Increased the size of KIEE Transactions to A4 size
▶ Jan. 1999 Published KIEE Transactions by dividing it into four individual books A, B, C and D sectors.
▶ Jan. 2007 Published KIEE Transactions in one volume by combining the four individual books
▶ Jan. 2007 Registered KIEE Transactions to SCOPUS
▶ Jul. 2010 Published KIEE Transactions as an E-Book, allowing it to be downloaded from the KIEE website
▶ Jan. 2015 Changed the cover of KIEE Transactions

Currently, KIEE Transactions is divided into: “A” Sector (Power Engineering); “B” Sector (Electrical Machinery and Energy Conversion System); “C” Sector (Electro-physics and Application); “D” Sector (Information and Control); and “E” Sector (Electrical Facilities).

With an aim to collect and publish outstanding scientific papers related to electrical engineering, the topics of papers published in KIEE Transactions are further divided into: power systems, transmission and distribution systems, electric power system economics, micro-grid, power system protection and automation, pumped-storage hydro power generation and electric energy storage systems in the “A” Sector; electrical equipment and appliances, power electronics, electrical traffic systems, new and renewable energy systems, eco-friendly electric power equipment, super-conductive equipment and E-mobility in the “B” Sector; electrical materials and semiconductors, smart large power and high voltage technology, optoelectronics and electromagnetic waves, Fusion Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and power asset risk management in the “C” Sector; instrumentation and control (I&C), robotics and automation, computer intelligence and intelligence systems, signal processing and embedded systems, autonomous moving object information processing, and biomedical engineering in the “D” Sector; and engineering and supervision, construction technology, power distribution system diagnosis, safety technology, electric railroad, technical standards, LVDC Facility, electric Facility fusion, etc. in the “E” Sector
Total of 67 volumes and 9,691 papers have been published since the publication of the first issue in 1948. With the administrative support from KIEE and the enormous contribution of a community of experts in the editorial board, KIEE Transactions will make a commitment to reach the highest level of quality for a world-class academic journal beyond Asia.

Moreover, prior to being accepted as a scientific journal index, KIEE Transactions has been already registered to SCOPUS and the Korea Citation Index (KCI) where ISI and the National Research Foundation of Korea signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to share the database. KIEE will apply for the registration to the ESCI to have its papers assessed with other outstanding scientific journal index.