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Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multi-Type Distributed Generation Considering Voltage Profile Improvement and Power Loss Minimization

자르제스 핫산(S Jarjees Ul Hassan) ; 와심 하이더(Waseem Haider) ; 아리프 메디(Arif Mehdi) ; 테크 구쉬(Teke Gush) ; 송진솔(Jin-Sol Song) ; 김철환(Chul-Hwan Kim)

A Frequency Response Performance based Quantification Method of RES Contribution on the Power System Inertia

조기룡(Gi Ryong Jo) ; 최우영(Woo Yeong Choi) ; 국경수(Kyung Soo Kook)

Prosumers’ Self-consumption Optimization Scheme through Subsidy to Increase the Solar Photovoltaic Hosting Capacity in Distribution Systems

손예지(Ye-Ji Son) ; 임세헌(Se-Heon Lim) ; 윤성국(Sung-Guk Yoon)

A Study on State Estimation Using Hybrid Measurement Data

이수원(Su-Won Lee) ; 차효원(Hyo-Won Cha) ; 김병호(Byoung-Ho Kim) ; 김홍래(Hongrae Kim)

A Control Strategy of BESS and its Real-Time Simulation for increasing the Hosting Capacity of Variable Energy Resources in the Distribution System

유한님(Han Nim Yu) ; 최우영(Woo Yeong Choi) ; 국경수(Kyung Soo Kook)

A Study on Mechanisms and Modeling of Leakage Current in Sharing ESS

조성덕(Sung-Duck Cho) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 신건(Dong-Hyun Tae) ; 노대석(Jian Shen)

Electric vehicle battery charging method using drive inverter and half-bridge

김경일(Gyeong-Il Kim) ; 황대연(Dae-Yeon Hwang) ; 구본관(Bon-Gwan Gu)