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Operation Plan of ESS for Increase of Acceptable Product of Renewable Energy to Power System

김영환(Yeong-Hwan Kim) ; 명호산(Ho-San Myung) ; 강남호(Nam-Ho Kang) ; 이창우(Chang-Woo Lee) ; 김민재(Min-Jae Kim) ; 김세호(Se-Ho Kim)

A Study on Outage Probability Analysis of HVDC Converter Considering Spare Elements

오웅진(Ungjin Oh) ; 최재석(Jaeseok Choi) ; 김찬기(Chan-Ki Kim) ; 윤용범(Yongbeum Yoon)

A Study on the Causality between Electric Reserve Margin, Electricity Tariff, Renewable Energy, Economic Growth, and Concurrent Peak in Winter and Summer: OECD Panel Analysis

이중호(Jung-Ho Lee) ; 박경민(Kyung-Min Park) ; 박중구(Jung-Gu Park)

A Study on Robust and Precise Position Control of PMSM under Disturbance Variation

이익선(Ik-Sun Lee) ; 여원석(Won-Seok Yeo) ; 정성철(Sung-Chul Jung) ; 박건호(Keon-Ho Park) ; 고종선(Jong-Sun Ko)

Reduction of Periodic Speed Ripple of Electric Machines Using Resonant Controller and Repetitive Controller

정성민(Sung-Min Jung) ; 이정호(Jung-Ho Lee) ; 최종우(Jong-Woo Choi)

The Design of Robust DSC-PLL under Distorted Grid Voltage Contained Unbalance on Frequency Variation

이재도(Jae Do Lee) ; 차한주(Han Ju Cha)

Analysis and Pattern Deduction of Actual Electric Vehicle Charging Data

김준혁(Jun-Hyeok Kim) ; 문상근(Sang-Keun Moon) ; 이병성(Byung-Sung Lee) ; 서인진(In-Jin Seo) ; 김철환(Chul-Hwan Kim)

Design of High-gain Antenna for Satellite Communication with Miniaturized Feed Structure

박중기(Joongki Park) ; 박도현(Do-hyun Park) ; 이호섭(Ho-sub Lee) ; 허종완(Jong-wan Heo) ; 권건섭(Gun-Sup Kwon)