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Limit Resolution in the Decoupled UPFC Model for Power Flow

김태현(Kim, Tae-Hyeon) ; 서장철(Seo, Jang-Cheol) ; 임정욱(Im, Jeong-Uk) ; 문승일(Mun, Seung-Il) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Geun) ; 한변문(Han, Byeon-Mun)

A Development of Power Transmission System Protection Database for Korea Electric Power Company

안영태(An, Yeong-Tae) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 최면성(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 강상희(Kang, Sang-Hee) ; 김호표(Kim, Ho-Pyo) ; 이운희(Lee, Woon-Hee) ; 최홍석(Choi, Hong-Suk)

A High Speed Distance Relaying Algorithm Based on a Least Square Error Method

강상희(Gang, Sang-Hui) ; 권태원(Gwon, Tae-Won)

Application of Hierarchical Logic Based Expert System to the Power System Fault Diagnosis

박영문(Park, Yeong-Mun) ; 김광원(Kim, Gwang-Won) ; 이광호(Lee, Gwang-Ho) ; 정재길(Jeong, Jae-Gil)

PSTCP : A Tool to Evaluate Power System Transfer Capability

유수현(Yu, Su-Hyeon) ; 정종훈(Jeong, Jong-Hun) ; 정민화(Jeong, Min-Hwa) ; 이병준(Lee, Byeong-Jun) ; 송길영(Song, Gil-Yeong) ; 신영철(Sin, Yeong-Cheol) ; 김영선(Kim, Yeong-Seon)

Development of Path-planing using Genetic Algorithm

최한수(Choi, Han-Soo) ; 정헌(Jeong, Heon)