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Evaluation of the Charging effects of Plug-in Electrical Vehicles on Power Systems, taking Into account Optimal Charging Scenarios

문상근(Moon, Sang-Keun) ; 곽형근(Gwak, Hyeong-Geun) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

A Study on Power System Characteristics and Economic Benefit by Operating the New SIHWA Tidal Power Plant

김규호(Kim, Kyu-Ho) ; 송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin) ; 김상민(Kim, Sang-Min) ; 이성무(Lee, Mu-Sung) ; 최홍석(Choi, Hong-Seok)

The Development of an Operating System for Load-following Real-time Transformer Loss Minimization and Economic Analyses on its' Test Operation

이옥배(Lee, Ok-Bae) ; 안재경(Ahn, Jae-Kyoung)

A Study on the Real-Time Pricing Change and Fuel Mix Change Considering the Customer's Choice on the Smart Grid System

박성완(Park, Seong-Wan) ; 김발호(Kim, Bal-Ho H.)

A Study on the Design of Control Logic for Wind Turbine Simulator having Similarity with 3MW Class Wind Turbine

오기용(Oh, Ki-Yong) ; 이재경(Lee, Jae-Kyung) ; 박준영(Park, Joon-Young) ; 이준신(Lee, Jun-Shin)

P-type Capacitance Observed in Nitrogen-doped ZnO

유현근(Yoo, Hyun-Geun) ; 김세동(Kim, Se-Dong) ; 이동훈(Lee, Dong-Hoon) ; 김정환(Kim, Jung-Hwan) ; 조중열(Jo, Jung-Yol)

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage According to Flow Velocity and Temperature of Vegetable Oils

최순호(Choi, Sun-Ho) ; 허창수(Huh, Chang-Su)

A Study on Electric Properties and Accelerated Water Tree Degradation of Environmental-friendly Non-crosslinked Polyethylene

이준호(Lee, June-Ho) ; 공태식(Kong, Tae-Sik) ; 김성중(Kim, Seong-Jung) ; 권기형(Kwon, Ki-Hyung) ; 이재순(Lee, Jae-Soon) ; 구광회(Gu, Gwang-Hoe) ; 조규철(Cho, Kyu-Cheol)

Reduction Method of Radio Interference in HVDC Converter System

김찬기(Kim, Chan-Ki) ; 최순호(Choi, Soon-Ho)

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation of CAN-based Network using increments of signal applied to Marine Engine Monitoring System

이현(Lee, Hyun) ; 이준석(Lee, Jun-Seok) ; 임현섭(Lim, Hyun-Seop) ; 이장명(Lee, Jang-Myung)