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Performance Improvement using Auxiliary Converter on HVDC System

김동희(Kim, Dong-Hee) ; 이화춘(Lee, Hwa-Chun) ; 박성준(Park, Sung-Jun) ; 남해곤(Nam, Hae-Kon) ; 최준호(Choi, Joon-Ho) ; 김광헌(Kim, Kwang-Heon)

Study of the Applicability of the Carson Line Model for the Series Reactance Calculation of the Power Feeding Lines with no Ground Return

정상기(Chung, Sang-Gi) ; 권삼영(Kwon, Sam-Young) ; 창상훈(Chang, Sang-Hoon) ; 장동욱(Jang, Dong-Uk)

Analysis of Flicker Mitigation Effects using IEC Digital Flickermeter based on Matlab/Simulink Simulation

정재안(Jung, Jae-Ahn) ; 조수환(Cho, Soo-Hwan) ; 권세혁(Kwon, Sae-Hyuk) ; 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo) ; 강문호(Kang, Moon-Ho)

The Mechanical and Electrical behavior Changes of Overhead Conductor due to Forest Fire and Agents

장용호(Jang, Young-Ho) ; 김병걸(Kim, Byung-Geol) ; 김상수(Kim, Shang-Shu) ; 한세원(Han, Se-Won) ; 김진한(Kim, Jin-Han)

An Approach to Assessment of the Value of Black Start Service

이정호(Lee, Jeong-Ho) ; 오태규(Oh, Tae-Kyoo) ; 강동주(Kang, Dong-Joo) ; 옥기열(Ok, Ki-Youl)

A Study on the Vibration and Efficiency Characteristics of PMLSM According to Permanent Magnet Arrangement

이동엽(Lee, Dong-Yeup) ; 이승훈(Lee, Seung-Hoon) ; 장기봉(Jang, Ki-Bong) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)