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Effective Localized-Voltage Control Scheme using the Information from Pilot Bus

송성환(Song, Sung-Hwan) ; 윤용태(Yoon, Yong-Tae) ; 문승일(Moon, Seung-Il) ; 이호철(Lee, Ho-Chul)

Concept Design of Superconducting Power System with Distributed Switching Station in Downtown Area

이승렬(Lee, Seung-Ryul) ; 김종율(Kim, Jong-Yul) ; 윤재영(Yoon, Jae-Young) ; 이병준(Lee, Byong-Jun)

Development of Delta-I ground fault Protective Relaying Scheme for DC Traction Power Supply System

정상기(Chung, Sang-Gi) ; 권삼영(Kwon, Sam-Young) ; 정호성(Jung, Ho-Sung) ; 김주락(Kim, Ju-Rak)

A Study on Assesment Algorithm for the Economical Generation Capability considering Voltage Stability

문현호(Moon, Hyun-Ho) ; 이종주(Lee, Jong-Joo) ; 윤창대(Yoon, Chang-Dae) ; 안비오(Ahn, Pius) ; 최상열(Choi, Sang-Yule) ; 신명철(Shin, Myong-Chul)

Fuel Cell as an Alternative Distributed Generation Source under Deregulated Power Systems

이광연(Lee, Kwang-Y.) ; 김세호(Kim, Se-Ho) ; 김일환(Kim, Eel-Hwan) ; 김호찬(Kim, Ho-Chan)

The Development of Methodology in order to consider Combined Heat and Power in the Basic Plan of Long Term Electricity Supply & Demand

김용하(Kim, Yong-Ha) ; 김미예(Kim, Mi-Ye) ; 우성민(Woo, Sung-Min) ; 조성린(Cho, Sung-Rin) ; 임현성(Lim, Hyun-Sung)