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Assessment of Available Transfer Capability (ATC) considering Real-time Weather Conditions

김동민(Kim, Dong-Min) ; 배인수(Bae, In-Su) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)

Application of an Adaptive Step-size Algorithm to the Power System Model of Dispatcher Training Simulator

황평익(Hwang, Pyeong-Ik) ; 안선주(Ahn, Seon-Ju) ; 문승일(Moon, Seung-Il) ; 윤용태(Yoon, Yong-Tae) ; 허성일(Hur, Seong-Il)

Analysis on Recloser-Fuse Coordination in a Power Distribution System linked Small Scale Cogeneration System with Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

김명후(Kim, Myoung-Hoo) ; 김진석(Kim, Jin-Seok) ; 문종필(Moon, Jong-Fil) ; 임성훈(Lim, Sung-Hun) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 이준규(Lee, Joon-Kyu)

Vulnerability Evaluation for Monitoring Wide Area Outage in Transmission Systems

김진환(Kim, Jin-Hwan) ; 임일형(Lim, Il-Hyung) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 최면송(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 임성일(Lim, Seong-Il) ; 김상태(Kim, Sang-Tae) ; 진보건(Jin, Bo-Gun)

Development of an Energy Management Algorithm for Smart Energy House

전정표(Jeon, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김광호(Kim, Kwang-Ho)

A Study on Local Coordinative Reactive Power Control between STATCOM and Other Reactive Power Controllers for Voltage Stability Improvement at Substation

정기석(Jeong, Ki-Seok) ; 장병훈(Chang, Byun-Hoon) ; 이현철(Lee, Hyun-Chul) ; 이근준(Lee, Geun-Joon) ; 백영식(Baek, Young-Sik)

345kV Overhead Transmission Line Collapse Analysis and Countermeasures

박재웅(Park, Jae-Ung) ; 신태우(Shin, Tai-Woo) ; 최진성(Choi, Jin-Sung) ; 최한열(Choi, Han-Yeol) ; 민병욱(Min, Byeong-Wook)

A Design of Incentive-based DR Program using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

김동민(Kim, Dong-Min) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O) ; 이창호(Rhee, Chang-Ho)

The Auxiliary Core Optimal Design of PMLSM to Reduce Detent Force by End Effect

장기봉(Jang, Ki-Bong) ; 안호진(An, Ho-Jin) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

Optimum Design Criteria for Maximum Torque Density & Minimum Torque Ripple of Flux Switching Motor using RSM & FEM

김영현(Kim, Young-Hyun) ; 이중호(Lee, Jung-Ho) ; 김남훈(Kim, Nam-Hoon) ; 구본삼(Koo, Bon-Sam) ; 김찬희(Kim, Chan-Hui)