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Optimal Coefficient Selection of Exponential Smoothing Model in Short Term Load Forecasting on Weekdays

송경빈(Song, Kyung-Bin) ; 권오성(Kwon, Oh-Sung) ; 박정도(Park, Jeong-Do)

A Study on the Developing Method of HIF Monitoring Data using Wavelet Coefficient

정영범(Jung, Young-Beom) ; 정연하(Jung, Yeon-Ha) ; 김길신(Kim, Kil-Sin) ; 이병성(Lee, Byung-Sung) ; 배승철(Bae, Seung-Chul)

Development of a Novel Air-Conditioning Method for Energy Savings in Commercial Building Under Time of Use Electricity Pricing

노성준(Noh, Sung-Jun) ; 전정표(Jeon, Jeong-Pyo) ; 김광호(Kim, Kwang-Ho)

The Reluctance Torque Estimate by Linkage Flux Calculation of IPMSM

조규원(Cho, Gyu-Won) ; 김철민(Kim, Cheol-Min) ; Lee, Jung-Gyu(Lee, Jung-Gyu) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

Shape Optimization of High Voltage Gas Circuit Breaker Using Kriging-Based Model And Genetic Algorithm

곽창섭(Kwak, Chang-Seob) ; 김홍규(Kim, Hong-Kyu) ; 차정원(Cha, Jeong-Won)

Design and Drive Performance of Single-phase Hybrid SRM with Commercial Ferrite Permanent Magnets

안진우(Ahn, Jin-Woo) ; 허재훈(Heo, Jae-Hun)

Surge Characteristics Analysis and Reduction Method of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

김종겸(Kim, Jong-Gyeum)

A Development of the Electric Power Supply System for PRT Vehicle

김백현(Kim, Baek-Hyun) ; 정락교(Jeong, Rag-Gyo) ; 정상기(Chung, Sang-Gi) ; 강석원(Kang, Seok-Won)

Seamless Transfer Operation Between Grid-connected and Stand-Alone Mode in the Three-phase Inverter

이우종(Lee, Wujong) ; 조현식(Jo, Hyunsik) ; 이학주(Lee, Hak Ju) ; 차한주(Cha, Hanju)

A Study on FTO-less Dye Sensitized Solar Cell with Ti Deposited Glass

박송이(Park, Songyi) ; 서현웅(Seo, Hyunwoong) ; 손민규(Son, Min-Kyu) ; 김수경(Kim, Soo-Kyoung) ; 홍나영(Hong, Na-Yeong) ; 송정윤(Song, Jeong-Yun) ; 프라바카르(Prabakar, Kandasamy) ; 김희제(Kim, Hee-Je)