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Electrical Conduction Characteristics of XLPE Film evaporated Different Metal Electrode

이흥규(Lee, Heung-Gyu) ; 이운영(Lee, Un-Yeong) ; 임기조(Im, Gi-Jo) ; 김용주(Kim, Yong-Ju)

Effects of Boron Doping on Properties of CdS Films and Characteristics of CdS/CdTe Solar Cells

이재형(Lee, Jae-Hyeong) ; 이호열(Lee, Ho-Yeol) ; 박용관(Park, Yong-Gwan)

Characteristics of LaCrO_3-Dispersed Cr Alloy for Metallic Interconnector of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

전광선(Jeon, Kwang-Sun) ; 송락현(Song, Rak-Hyun) ; 신동렬(Shin, Dong-Ryul)

Decrease of Gate Leakage Current by Employing AI Sacrificial Layer in the DLC-coated Si-tip FEA Fabrication

주병권(Ju, Byeong-Kwon) ; 이상조(Lee, Sangjo) ; 김훈(Kim, Hoon) ; 이윤희(Lee, Yun-Hi) ; 오명환(Oh, Myung-Hwan)

Aging Characteristics of Cable Terminations for Distribution Power System

한재홍(Han, Jae-Hong) ; 이병성(Lee, Byeong-Seong) ; 김상준(Kim, Sang-Jun) ; 이철호(Lee, Cheol-Ho) ; 김상욱(Kim, Sang-Uk) ; 김용애(Kim, Yong-Ae)

A Study on the Operational Characteristics of CO_2 Laser Excited by 60Hz AC Discharges

이동훈(Lee, Dong-Hoon) ; 임규호(Im, Kyu-Ho) ; 정현주(Jeong, Hyun-Ju) ; 김희제(Kim, Hee-Je) ; 조정수(Jo, Jung-Soo)