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A Study of Double Type Transverse Flux Linear Motor for Improvement of Attraction force and Power Density

홍정표(Hong Jung-Pyo) ; 장정환(Chang Jung-Hwan) ; 강도현(Kang Do-Hyun) ; 김영중(Kim Young-Jung) ; 이지영(Lee Ji-Young)

AC/DC Converter Design of The Korean Type Multi-Propulsion System

조정민(Jho Jeong-Min) ; 정병수(Jung Byung-Su) ; 조흥제(Cho Heung-Jae) ; 김수용(Kim Su-Yong) ; 성호경(Sung Ho-Kyung)

Transient Response Characteristic of a Linear Actuator in a Spring Stiffness Variations

강도현(Kang Do-Hyun) ; 홍도관(Hong Do-Kwan) ; 우병철(Woo Byung-Chul)

Study on The Small-Gap Measuring System for Gas Velocity Measurement of SF_6 Gas Circuit Breaker

김홍규(Kim Hong-Kyu) ; 송기동(Dong Song-Ki) ; 이우영(Lee Woo-Young) ; 박경엽(Park Kyong-Yop) ; 정진교(Chong Jin-Kyo)

A Study on the Secondary Rectification-Methods for the Three-Level Converter

배진용(Bae Jin-Yong) ; 이동현(Lee Dong-hyun) ; 이은영(Lee Eun-Young) ; 이현우(Lee Hyun-Woo) ; 김용(Kim Yong)