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Stability Analysis of Jeju Power System with Wind Turbine Generators and HVDC

김도형(Kim, Do-Hyung) ; 김재언(Kim, Jae-Eon)

Reliability Analysis of Catenary of Electric Railway by using FTA

구본희(Ku, Bon-Hui) ; 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min) ; 김형철(Kim, Hyung-Chul)

Spatio-temporal Load Analysis Model for Power Facilities using Meter Reading Data

신진호(Shin, Jin-Ho) ; 김영일(Kim, Young-Il) ; 이봉재(Yi, Bong-Jae) ; 양일권(Yang, Il-Kwon) ; 류근호(Ryu, Keun-Ho)

Study of Temporal Data Mining for Transformer Load Pattern Analysis

신진호(Shin, Jin-Ho) ; 이봉재(Yi, Bong-Jae) ; 김영일(Kim, Young-Il) ; 이헌규(Lee, Heon-Gyu) ; 류근호(Ryu, Keun-Ho)

An Operation Grouping and Its Maximum Allowable Conductor Temperature Considering Facility-conditions of Transmission Lines

손홍관(Sohn, Hong-Kwan) ; 김병걸(Kim, Byung-Geol) ; 박인표(Park, In-Pyo) ; 안상현(An, Sang-Hyun) ; 장태인(Jang, Tae-In) ; 최종기(Choi, Jang-Kee)

A Study on Calculation of Line- To-Ground Fault Current Split Factor to Earth in Overhead Transmission Lines

최종기(Choi, Jong-Kee) ; 이원교(Lee, Won-Kyo) ; 최인혁(Choi, In-Hyuk) ; 이상윤(Lee, Sang-Yun) ; 황갑철(Hwang, Kab-Cheol)

The International Standard Trends of MV Power Cable Installation Test and its Application on Korean Standard

이재봉(Lee, Jae-Bong) ; 정연하(Jung, Yeon-Ha) ; 송일근(Song, Il-Keun) ; 조성훈(Cho, Soung-Hoon)

A study on the Distribution Estimation of Residental Refrigerators using Bass Diffusion Model and Economic Analysis Corresponding to Enhancement of Energy Efficiency

백정명(Baek, Jung-Myoung) ; 원종률(Won, Jong-Ryul) ; 이병하(Lee, Byung-Ha) ; 김정훈(Kim, Jung-Hoon)

Power Quality Analysis of Wind Farms interconnected in Jeju System during HVDC Overhaul

채우규(Chae, Woo-Kyu) ; 윤기갑(Yoon, Gi-Gab) ; 조성수(Cho, Seong-Soo) ; 정원욱(Jung, Won-Wook)

A Method to Determine the Droop Constant of DGs Considering the Configuration and Active Power Control Mode

안선주(Ahn, Seon-Ju) ; 박진우(Park, Jin-Woo) ; 정일엽(Chung, Il-Yop) ; 문승일(Moon, Seung-Il)