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Study on Electrochemical Property of Self-Assembled Viologen Monolayers Using Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM) Method

이동윤(Lee, Dong-Yun) ; 박상현(Park, Sang-Hyun) ; 박재철(Park, Jae-Chul) ; 권영수(Kwon, Young-Soo)

Study of Accelerated Soft Error Rate for Cell Characteristics on Static RAM

공명국(Gong, Myeong-Kook) ; 왕진석(Wang, Jin-Suk) ; 김도우(Kim, Do-Woo)

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Characteristics of BTO Thin Film for Vertical Sidewall Patterning of High-Density Memory Capacitor

고필주(Ko, Pil-Ju) ; 박성우(Park, Sung-Woo) ; 이강연(Lee, Kang-Yeon) ; 이우선(Lee, Woo-Sun) ; 서용진(Seo, Yong-Jin)

A Study on the UV Degradation Characteristics of FRP by Plasma Surface Modification

황명환(Hwang, Myung-Hwan) ; 임경범(Lim, Kyung-Bum)

UHF Partial Discharge Measurement Technology using a Dual Bands Methods to have the Frequency Characteristics in GIS

이상화(Yi, Sang-Hwa) ; 선종호(Sun, Jong-Ho) ; 강동식(Kang, Dong-Sik) ; 김광화(Kim, Kwang-Hwa)

Measurement of Ratio Error/Phase Angle Error of Potential Transformer using High Voltage Capacitance Bridge and Uncertainty Analysis

권성원(Kwon, Sung-Won) ; 이상화(Lee, Sang-Hwa) ; 김명수(Kim, Myung-Soo) ; 정재갑(Jung, Jae-Kap)

Solution of the Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problem for Cylindrical Objects by Using the Resonance Scattering Ttheory

정용화(Jung, Yong-Hwa) ; 전상봉(Jeon, Sang-Bong) ; 안창회(Ahn, Chang-Hoi)

Micromirrors Driven by Detached Piezoelectric Microactuators For Low-voltage and Wide-angle Rotation

김성진(Kim, Sung-Jin) ; 진영현(Jin, Young-Hyun) ; 이원철(Lee, Won-Chul) ; 남효진(Nam, Hyo-Jin) ; 부종욱(Bu, Jong-Uk) ; 조영호(Cho, Young-Ho)

The Electron Temperature and Density Properties of Mixed Gases in ICP Lighting System : (Ne:Xe, Ne:Ar)

이종찬(Lee, Jong-Chan) ; 최용성(Choi, Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park, Dae-Hee) ; 최기승(Choi, Gi-Seung)