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Development of Ground Fault Protective Relaying Schemes for DC Traction Power Supply System

정상기(Chung Sang-Gi) ; 정락교(Jeong Rag-Gyo) ; 조홍식(Cho Hong-Sik) ; 이안호(Lee Ahn-Ho) ; 권삼영(Kwon Sam-Young)

Study on Optimized Scheme of Reactive Power Compensation for Low Short-Circuit-Ratio HVDC System

백승택(Baek Seung-Taek) ; 한병문(Han Byung-Moon) ; 오세승(Oh Sea-Seung) ; 장길수(Jang Gil-Soo)

A Novel Method for Clustering Critical Generator by using Stability Indices and Energy Margin

장동환(Chang Dong-Hwan) ; 정연재(Jung Yun-Jae) ; 전영환(Chun Yeonghan) ; 남해곤(Nam Hae-Kon)

Establishment of Diagnostic Criteria in the Preventive Diagnostic System for the Power Transformer

권동진(Kweon Dong-Jin) ; 구교선(Koo Kyo-Sun) ; 곽주식(Kwak Joo-Sik) ; 우정욱(Woo Jung-Wook) ; 강연욱(Kang Yeon-Wook)