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A Dispatch Algorithm with Transient Stability Constraints by using Energy Margin

정연재(Jung Yun-Jae) ; 장동환(Chang Dong-Hwan) ; 전영환(Chun Yeonghan)

The New Voltage Event Detection Method and Control System Design for DVR Applied to 22.9kV Distribution System

김희중(Kim H.J.) ; 정용호(Chung Y.H.) ; 권기현(Kwon G.H.) ; 박태범(Park T.B.) ; 문전일(Moon J.I.) ; 전영수(Jeon Y.S.)

Analysis of Oscillation Modes Occurred by ON/OFF Time Intervals of Switching Equipments by the RCf Method

김덕영(Kim, Deok-Young) ; 동무환(Dong, Moo-Hwan) ; 이윤호(Lee, Yun-Ho)

A Study on Development of Power Transfer Capability Calculation Algorithm Considering Transient Stability

김용하(Kim Yong-Ha) ; 최상규(Choi Sang-Kyu) ; 이범(Lee Byum) ; 조성린(Cho Sung-rin) ; 오석현(Oh Seok-Hyun) ; 김동근(Kim Dong-keun)

Development of a Novel Passive Harmonic Filter

박병주(Park, Byoung-Ju) ; 이한상(Lee, Han-Sang) ; 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo)

A Study on the Susceptibility of Single-phase Sensitive Loads and the Three-phase Induction Motor by Voltage Sag

윤상윤(Yun Sang-Yun) ; 문종필(Moon Jong-Fil) ; 김재철(Kim Jae-Chul) ; 이희태(Lee Hee-Tae)

Assessment of Probabilistic Total Transfer Capability Considering Uncertainty of Weather

박진욱(Park Jin-Wook) ; 김규호(Kim Kyu-Ho) ; 신동준(Shin Dong-Jun) ; 송경빈(Song Kyung-Bin) ; 김진오(Kim Jin-O)