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A Study on the Evaluation of the Economics and Environmental Contribution to the Jeju Power System from Tamla Offshore Wind Farm

정세민(Semin Jeong) ; 오웅진(Ungjin Oh) ; 이연찬(Yeonchan Lee) ; 임진택(Jintaek Lim) ; 이기백(Kibaek Lee) ; 최재석(Jaeseok Choi)

Strategy for Enhancing Voltage Stability in Wind Power Plants Using Dynamic Reactive Power Reserves Index

심준보(JunBo Sim) ; 최윤혁(Yun-Hyuk Choi)

Design Method for DC Wiring of PV Generation System by Expansion of Low-Voltage Range

현동근(Dong-Geun Hyun) ; 김동규(Dong-Kyu Kim) ; 이현명(Hyeon-Myeong Lee) ; 김재언(Jae-Eon Kim)

Optimized-XGBoost Learner Based Bagging model for Photovoltaic Power Forecasting

최성현(Sung-hyeon Choi) ; 허진(Jin Hur)

Analysis of the Effect of Weather Factors for Short-Term Load Forecasting

권보성(Bo-Sung Kwon) ; 박래준(Rae-Jun Park) ; 송경빈(Kyung-Bin Song)

Two-Step State Estimation Using PMU data for Fast Detection of Bad Data in Power Systems

김병호(Byoung-Ho Kim) ; 김홍래(Hongrae Kim)

A Prevention Algorithm for Malfunction of Directional Over Current Ground Relay in Distribution System with PV System

박양권(Yang-Kwon Park) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 태동현(Dong-Hyun Tae) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

Operation Control Algorithm Development of Hybrid RDP System considering Ship Dynamic Model

김성안(Sung-An Kim)