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Title Design Method for DC Wiring of PV Generation System by Expansion of Low-Voltage Range
Authors 현동근(Dong-Geun Hyun) ; 김동규(Dong-Kyu Kim) ; 이현명(Hyeon-Myeong Lee) ; 김재언(Jae-Eon Kim)
Page pp.970-977
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PV generation system; DC wiring; Expansion of Low-Voltage range; cables for photovoltaic
Abstract The Korea Electro-technical Code (KEC) established in 2018 extended the DC low-voltage range under 750 V to 1,500 V. Accordingly, it is expected that there will be some changes in the domestic photovoltaic industry. In Korea, most of PV generation systems have been operated under 750 V for cost and regulatory reasons. If KEC is implemented from 2021, PV generation system is expected to improve power generation efficiency by constructing under 1,500 V. However, in order to apply the new low- voltage range in PV generation system, it seems to be prepared more concretely. Especially, KEC currently deals with regulations for low-voltage cables and PV generation system, but the impact on PV generation system and existing cables by applying the expansion of DC 1,500 V is not considered. And the rated voltage 1 kV cable currently used is not appropriate to PV generation system expected to be constructed under 1,500 V from 2021. In addition, due to the characteristics of PV generation system, it is necessary to regulate the use of cable for PV generation system rather than using general cables at 1,500 V. Therefore, this paper proposes a revision plan of KEC applied in 2021 and a design method to prepare DC wiring for PV generation system applicable to DC 1,500 V.