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How to submit a Manuscript

KIEE has the online submission and peer review system. Manuscripts should be submitted online at Authors can submit manuscripts and track their progress to the final decision.


To facilitate the review process, manuscripts must be in Hancom office format (.hwp). Do not reveal your identity anywhere in the document.

Ethics and Responsivilities of authors

All submitted manuscripts should be original and should not be considered by any other scientific journal for publication at the same time. No part of the accepted manuscript should be duplicated in any other scientific journal without the permission of the Editorial Board. For the policies on research and publication ethics that are not stated in these instructions, the Statement of Ethics & Responsibilities in the Publication of Research and International standards for editors and authors ( can be applied.

Manuscript preparation checklist

The manuscript must be written in English, and submitted in (.hwp) format and original research articles forms. The manuscript can be written in the journal template form. Upload a signed "Submission checklist" and "Copyright form" when submitting your original or revised manuscript to the journal's online submission site.

The scope of the KIEE includes the following

The Transactions of the KIEE is published on the 1st day of each month. The Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers publishes papers of a high technical standard with a suitable balance of practice and theory. It covers a wide range of applications and apparatus in electrical engineering & technologies field.


Manuscripts submitted for consideration should report the results of original work. Also, survey papers from field experts will be considered for review. However, papers that have been previously published or submitted to other journals, conferences, or books in any language will not be considered for The Transactions of the KIEE.

Page Charges

After the final manuscript has been submitted, the Transactions of the KIEE editor will estimate the length of the paper. The authors will be informed of page charges. Page charges within 6 pages will be billed at ₩30,000 for each page. Over length 7 pages charges will be billed ₩50,000 per page and over length 13 pages charges will be billed ₩80,000 per page. Authors must make payments before publication.

Copyright Policy

It is the KIEE policy to own the copyright of all the KIEE published technical contributions. To comply with the KIEE copyright policy, authors are required to sign the KIEE copyright agreement form before publication. This form is provided upon approval of the manuscripts. Authors should submit a signed copy of copyright form with their manuscripts. The copyright agreement form can be downloaded from below.

Before submitting any papers to the journal’s editor, please make sure that you have included all the necessary details. For any further details, please refer to the journal’s ‘Information for Authors’.

For all submissions(online), please make sure you have provided the following

  • Authors must submit manuscripts electronically to the Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE) on-line review system.
  • Authors must carefully read the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers Ethics Bylaws.
  • Manuscript should be typed using HWP format.
  • Formatting : double columns with single spaced 8.5pt fonts
  • Include all figures, tables and captions in the body of the test and check for size and legibility.
  • Please do NOT include authors’ names, footnotes, photos, acknowledgements, biographies or any information which could be used to identify authors in the manuscript itself.
  • 6 pages is the recommended length for KIEE manuscripts.
  • Ensure your manuscript has been ‘spell checked’
  • All references mentioned in the Reference list must be cited in the English text
  • Verify that authorization has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Web).

Further considerations

  • I understand that mandatory page charges will apply to papers exceeding 6 pages.
  • I understand that previously published work will be rejected. I certify that this paper has not been published in another journal or conference record.
  • I understand that simultaneous submissions will result in rejection. I certify that this paper is not currently under consideration by any other journal or conference publication.
  • To qualify for review, revised or extended versions of papers presented in conferences, workshops, or other symposiums should include significant improvements. The title and abstract of paper should be different and at least 30% of content should be modified with new ideas and improvements. In this case, submissions should indicate clearly at which conference (or workshop, symposium) the manuscripts have been presented. Also the original conference paper needs to be submitted to the Transactions of the KIEE. Violation of this standard may cause ethical problems of dual publication. Each author bears the full responsibility for any legal issues.

Submission Guidelines for the Transactions of the KIEE

These guidelines are specified by the KIEE Editor-in-Chief. All authors are responsible for understanding these guidelines before submitting manuscripts

Guidelines for Submitting a Manuscript for Review

The KIEE employs a web-based manuscript submission for peer-review. Authors must submit manuscripts electronically to the Transactions of the KIEE website. All manuscripts must be in electronic format (only '.pdf' files) and less then 10Mb. Please note that the first-time users of the Transactions of the KIEE system have to create an account and follow the submission instructions. Names of authors and their affiliations must remain anonymous in submitted manuscripts for a fair review. However, the corresponding author's information must be entered into the Transactions of the KIEE authors' page, when you submit a manuscript. It is the author's responsibility to ensure the submitted files are fully viewable and in the intended format. Before submitting a manuscript, please confirm the Transactions of the KIEE style and format your manuscript.

Style of a Manuscript for Review

  • Size of manuscript: 21cm x 27.8cm (A4)
  • Formatted double columns with single spaced 8.5pt fonts
  • Include all figures, tables, and captions in the text and confirm their size and legibility.
  • Contain manuscript title, keywords and an abstract of not more than 200 words on the first page.
  • Indicate reference numbers in square brackets (e.g. [1], [2], and [3]) and give details of reference at the end of each paper.
  • Please do not include authors' names, footnotes, acknowledgements, biography, photos or any information which could identify authors in the manuscript.

Style of reference

  • Periodical Publications: Authors (first initials followed by last name), Title of Paper, Title of Periodical, Volume, Issue Number, Page Numbers, Month Year.
  • Conference Publications: Authors, Title of Paper, Title of Conference, Page Numbers, Year of Conference.
  • Books: Authors, Title of Book, Publisher Name, Chapter/ Page numbers, Year.
  • Webpage: Title of Website, Page Address, Date of Reference.


[1] Gil Dong Hong, “Stochastic Integrated Generation and Transmission Planning ” Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 271-277, July. 2012.
[2] F. A. Huliehel, F. C. Lee, and B. H. Cho, “Small-signal modeling of the single-phase boost high power factor converter with constant frequency control,” in Proc. PESC, pp. 475-482, 1992.
[3] T. J. E. Miller, Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems, John Willey&Sons, chap. 2, 1982.
[4] ] My way labs -PSIM-, May 13th 2009.
[5] S. K. Dwivedi, "Power Quality Improvements and Sensor Reductions in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drives," PhD. Thesis, IIT Delhi, 2006.
[6] J. L. Lassen, "Sensorless control of two phase brushless dc motor," U.S. Patent 7183734 B2, Feb. 27, 2007.

Guidelines for Submitting a Final Manuscript for Publication

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors will be notified by the Transactions of the KIEE Editorial board. At that point, a special format will be required for publication. Your final manuscript for publication must contain author biographies and photos and be saved in Hancom (‘.hwp’ file) which is less than 10Mb. Before submitting your final manuscript, please check the template file for ‘Template File for Publication’ below and format your manuscript accordingly. Submit your final manuscript to the Transactions of the KIEE online review system with your author’s ID and also send it to the Transactions of the KIEE Editor by e-mail at A signed copyright agreement form is also required before publication.

Style of a Manuscript for Publication for the in Hancom soft format

  • Size of manuscript: 21cm x 27.8cm
  • Page Margin: Top & Bottom - 2 cm / Left & Right - 1.8 cm / Head - 1.8 cm
  • Formatted double columns with 1.15 spaced (main text - Times New Roman, 8.5 pt fonts)
  • Please include authors' names, affiliations, biography, photos (size: 2.6(h) x 2.2(w)) in the manuscript.
  • All figures, tables, equations and captions should be clear and viewable.
  • 6 pages would be a preferable length for the Transactions of the KIEE manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts in KIEE journal and reprints are printed in black and white. But Transactions of the KIEE journal encourages the use of color for the online version of its articles.

For details of formation guidelines, you can download the template file for publication from below. After proofreading and editing of the final manuscript by the KIEE and prior to publication, the KIEE will send the page proof to the corresponding author for final editing. If you need more information, please contact the KIEE by email (