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Analysis of Invesion Layer Quantization Effects in NMOSFETs

박지선(Park, Ji-Seon) ; 신형순(Sin, Hyeong-Sun)

The Growth Mechanism of Ga_2O_3 Nanobelt

이종수(Lee, Jong-Su) ; 박광수(Park, Gwang-Su) ; 성만영(Seong, Man-Yeong) ; 김상식(Kim, Sang-Sik)

Microstructural Characterization of MOCVD RuOx Thin Films and Effects of Annealing Gas Ambient

김경원(Kim, Gyeong-Won) ; 김남수(Kim, Nam-Su) ; 최일상(Choe, Il-Sang) ; 김호정(Kim, Ho-Jeong) ; 박주철(Park, Ju-Cheol)

Partial Discharge Phenomena with SF_{6} Gas Pressures in Insulation Consisted of Insulation Paper and SF_{6} Gas(II)

선종호(Seon, Jong-Ho) ; 김광화(Kim, Gwang-Hwa) ; 박정후(Park, Jeong-Hu) ; 조정수(Jo, Jeong-Su)

A Study on the 0-Dimensional Simulation of He+Ne+Xe Gas and the Discharge Characteristics in Plasma Display Panel

정해영(Jeong, Hae-Yeong) ; 최훈영(Choe, Hun-Yeong) ; 김근수(Kim, Geun-Su) ; 김성익(Kim, Seong-Ik) ; 송봉식(Song, Bong-Sik) ; 박헌건(Park, Heon-Geon) ; 이석현(Lee, Seok-Hyeon)

The Degradation Characteristics of Phosphor Layers by Environmental Temperature and Plasma Discharge in AC-PDPs

김현(Kim, Hyun) ; 장상훈(Jang, Sang-Hun) ; 태흥식(Tae, Heung-Sik) ; 최경철(Choi, Kyung-Cheol)

Fabrication of the Microchannel Integrated with the Inner Sensors for Accurate Measuring Fluid Temperature

박호준(Park, Ho-Jun) ; 임근배(Im, Geun-Bae) ; 손상영(Son, Sang-Yeong) ; 송인섭(Song, In-Seop) ; 박정호(Park, Jeong-Ho)

Fabrication Process and Characterization of Sonic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators by Electroless Plating of Platinum

차승은(Cha, Seung-Eun) ; 박정호(Park, Jeong-Ho) ; 이승기(Lee, Seung-Gi)