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Conversion Function and Relationship of Loss of Load Expectation Indices on Two Kinds of Load Duration Curve

이연찬(Lee, Yeonchan) ; 오웅진(Oh, Ungjin) ; 최재석(Choi, Jaeseok) ; 차준민(Cha, Junmin) ; 최홍석(Choi, Hongseok) ; 전동훈(Jeon, Donghun)

Calculation of Appropriate Subsidies for Energy Storage System to Improve Power Self-sufficiency Consider Microgrid Operation

최연주(Choi, Yeon-Ju) ; 김성열(Kim, Sung-Yul)

24 hour Load Forecasting using Combined Very-short-term and Short-term Multi-Variable Time-Series Model

이원준(Lee, WonJun) ; 이문수(Lee, Munsu) ; 강병오(Kang, Byung-O) ; 정재성(Jung, Jaesung)

Failure Rate Calculation using the Mixture Weibull Distribution

채희석(Chai, Hui-seok) ; 신중우(Shin, Joong-woo) ; 임태진(Lim, Tae-jin) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-chul)

A Study on Optimization of Electric Power Facilities Applied Matrix System at 25.8kV GIS

이양미(Lee, Yang-Mi) ; 남재우(Nam, Jae-Woo) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan)

New Method of SVPWM Implementation Using Single Carrier Wave and Comparision of PI/PR Current Control for the Vienna Converter

조남수(Cho, Nam-Su) ; 지준근(Ji, Jun-Keun) ; 이태원(Lee, Tae-Won) ; 윤봉영(Yun, Bong-Young)

Expanding Plan Study of KRTCS-2(Korean Radio Train Control System for Conventional & High Speed Railway)

이강규(Lee, Kang-Gyoo) ; 최종관(Choi, Jong-gwoan) ; 성동일(Sung, Dong-Il) ; 윤학선(Yun, Hak-Sun) ; 박종원(Park, Jong-Won) ; 김유호(Kim, You-Ho) ; 이남형(Lee, Nam-Hyoung) ; 유종천(Yoo, Jong-Cheon)

Analysis of Radiation Effects in CMOS 0.18um Process Unit Devices

정상훈(Jeong, Sang-Hun) ; 이남호(Lee, Nam-Ho) ; 이민웅(Lee, Min-Woong) ; 조성익(Cho, Seong-Ik)

A Study on Calcium Ion Reduction in Power Plant Water using High Voltage Impulse

김태희(Kim, TaeHui) ; 장인성(Chang, In-Soung) ; 정재환(Jung, Jae-Hwan) ; 홍웅기(Hong, Woong ki) ; 이준호(Lee, June-Ho)