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The Modelling and Characteristic Analysis of Brushless Synchronous Motor with Sinusoidal back EMF

김일남(Kim, Il-Nam) ; 백수현(Baek, Su-Hyeon) ; 김철진(Kim, Cheol-Jin) ; 맹인재(Maeng, In-Jae) ; 윤신용(Yun, Sin-Yong)

An Analysis of Cold Gas Flow-Field for UHV Class Interrupters

송기동(Song, Gi-Dong) ; 박경엽(Park, Gyeong-Yeop) ; 송원표(Song, Won-Pyo)

The Digital PI Control for Driving Constant Speed of Brushless DC Motor

윤신용(Yoon, Shin-Yong) ; 김현수(Kim, Hyun-Soo) ; 김용(Kim, Yong) ; 김일남(Kim, Il-Nam) ; 백수현(Baek, Soo-Hyun)

Design and Characteristic Analysis of Moving Coil type Linear Oscillatory Actuator Considering Unbalanced Magnetic Circuit

김덕현(Kim, Duk-Hyun) ; 엄상준(Eum, Sang-Joon) ; 강규홍(Kang, Gyu-Hong) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jung-Pyo) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

A Motor/Generator for Flywheel Energy Storage System Levitated by Bulk Superconductor

고창섭(Go, Chang-Seop) ; 연제욱(Yeon, Je-Uk) ; 최재호(Choe, Jae-Ho) ; 정환명(Jeong, Hwan-Myeong) ; 홍계원(Hong, Gye-Won) ; 이호진(Lee, Ho-Jin)

Optimal Design Method for an Actively Shielded MRI Superconducting Magnet

이광호(Lee, Kwang-Ho) ; 조윤현(Cho, Yun-Hyun)