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Circuit Breaker Closing Control Technique for Mitigation of LCC HVDC AC Filter Inrush Current and Comparitive Analysis with Pre-Insertion Resistor

이기복(Ki-Bok Lee) ; 김희진(Hee-Jin Kim) ; 나종서(Jong-Seo Na) ; 허견(Kyeon Hur)

The Deduction of Generation Efficiency Coefficient of the Floating PV systems compared to Ground-mounted PV systems based on their operation-data analysis

권오극(Ogeuk Kwon) ; 이수민(Su-Min Lee) ; 권진성(Jinseong Kwon) ; 조현식(Hyunsik Jo) ; 차한주(Hanju Cha)

A Study on Breakdown Mechanism by Silicone Lubricant Behavior and Discoloration at Outdoor Termination in Underground Transmission Cables

정채균(Chaekyun Jung) ; 황재상(Jaesang Hwang) ; 강지원(Jiwon Kang) ; 김정태(Jeongtae Kim)

The analysis for the correlation between the creepage discharge of transformer pressboard and the amount of dissolved gases in the oil and the furanic products

손형욱(Hyeongwook Son) ; 김우빈(Woobin Kim) ; 이동준(Dongzoon Lee) ; 김정태(Jeongtae Kim)

Position and Stabilization Control of Inverted Pendulum Systems using Sliding Mode based Control and Observer

허준서(Junseo Heo) ; 좌동경(Dongkyoung Chwa)

Initial Alignment Method of Slave Inertial Navigation System Applying for Rotorcraft

이형섭(Hyung-Sub Lee)

A Study on Vibration Measurement based on the Rotational Speed Sensor

최은혜(Eun-hye Choi)

Design of Hydraulic Feedback Structure PI Controller for Removing Servovalve Offset in Hydraulic Actuation System

구정회(Jeong-Hoi Gu) ; 김인주(In-Ju Kim) ; 최장영(Jang-Young Choi) ; 이상정(Sang-Jeong Lee)