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A Study on the Development of Generator Maintenance Scheduling Program Package

원종률(Won, Jong-Ryul) ; 윤용범(Yoon, Yong-Beum) ; 박시우(Park, Si-Woo) ; 남재현(Nam, Jae-Hyun)

A Study on the Optimal Design Fuzzy Type Stabilizing Controller using Genetic Algorithm

이흥재(Lee, Heung-Jae) ; 임찬호(Lim, Chan-Ho) ; 윤병규(Yoon, Byong-Gyu) ; 임화영(Lim, Hwa-Young) ; 송자윤(Song, Ja-Youn)

A Modelling Method of a High Impedance Fault in a Distribution System as a Voltage Source using EMTP

강용철(Kang, Yong-Choel) ; 남순열(Nam, Soon-Ryul) ; 박종근(Park, Jong-Keun) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il)

A New Evaluation Methodology for Protection Systems of Primary Distribution Systems Considering Multi-Factors Based on Dempster's Combination Rule

이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 강상희(Kang, Sang-Hee) ; 김상태(Kim, Sang-Tae) ; 장중구(Chang, Choong-Koo)

An Expery System for the Diagnosis of the Fault Type and Fault Loaction In the Distribution SCADA System

고윤석(Go, Yun-Seok) ; 신덕호(Sin, Deok-Ho) ; 신현용(Sin, Hyeon-Yong) ; 이기서(Lee, Gi-Seo)

An Efficient Implementation of Optimal Power Flow using the Alternating Direction Method

김호웅(Kim, Ho-Woong) ; 박만근(Park, Marn-Kuen) ; 김발호(Kim, Bal-Ho)

FACTS Site Selections in Large Power Systems using Subtransmission System Reduction

장병훈(Jang, Byeong-Hun) ; 추진부(Chu, Jin-Bu) ; 권세혁(Gwon, Se-Hyeok)