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Fabrication of Switch Module for ATM Exchange System using MCM Technology

주철원(Ju, Cheol-Won) ; 김창훈(Kim, Chang-Hun) ; 한병성(Han, Byeong-Seong)

The Effects of Etch Process Parameters on the Ohmic Contact Formation in the Plasma Etching of GaN using Planar Inductively Coupled CH_4/H_2/Ar Plasma

김문영(Kim, Mun-Yeong) ; 태흥식(Tae, Heung-Sik) ; 이호준(Lee, Ho-Jun) ; 이용현(Lee, Yong-Hyeon) ; 이정희(Lee, Jeong-Hui) ; 백영식(Baek, Yeong-Sik)

A Study on the AC Interfacial Breakdown Properties of the Interface between Epoxy/EPDM with Variation of the Spread Oil

배덕권(Bae, Deok-Gwon) ; 정일형(Jeong, Il-Hyeong) ; 오재한(O, Jae-Han) ; 박우현(Park, U-Hyeon) ; 이기식(Lee, Gi-Sik) ; 김충혁(Kim, Chung-Hyeok) ; 이준웅(Lee, Jun-Ung)

Growth of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes on Co-Ni Alloy Metal

류재은(Ryu, Jae-Eun) ; 이철진(Lee, Cheol-Jin) ; 이태재(Lee, Tae-Jae) ; 손경희(Son, Gyeong-Hui) ; 신동혁(Sin, Dong-Hyeok)

The Improvement of Radiation Characteristics of Low Density Polyethylene by Addition of Treeing Inhibitors

김기엽(Kim, Ki-Yup) ; 이청(Lee, Chung) ; 류부형(Ryu, Boo-Hyung) ; 임기조(Lim, Kee-Joe)

Study on the Characteristic Analysis and the Design of the IGBT Structure with Trap Injection for Improved Switching Characteristics

강이구(Gang, Lee-Gu) ; 추교혁(Chu, Gyo-Hyeok) ; 김상식(Kim, Sang-Sik) ; 성만영(Seong, Man-Yeong)

Ozone Generation Synergy Effects of Three-Phase Voltage Apply Type Superposed Discharge Ozonizer

이병준(Lee, Byeong-Jun) ; 이상근(Lee, Sang-Geun) ; 송현직(Song, Hyeon-Jik) ; 김영훈(Kim, Yeong-Hun) ; 박원주(Park, Won-Ju) ; 이광식(Lee, Gwang-Sik)

Pspice Simulation for Nonlinear Components and Surge Suppression Circuits

이복희(Lee, Bok-Hui) ; 공영은(Gong, Yeong-Eun) ; 최원규(Choe, Won-Gyu) ; 전덕규(Jeon, Deok-Gyu)

Fabrication and Experiment of Micromirror with Aluminum Pin-joint

지창현(Ji, Chang-Hyeon) ; 김용권(Kim, Yong-Gwon)