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System Resilience Concept Against the Disaster and Resilience Characteristics of Seven Countries for the COVID-19 Disaster

박주창(Joochang Park) ; 오웅진(Ungjin Oh) ; 이연찬(Yeonchan Lee) ; 정세민(Semin Jeong) ; 최재석(Jaeseok Choi)

A Study on the Parameter Estimation of Harmonic Equivalent Model Using the RANSAC and Recursive Least Square Algorithms

박종일(Jong-Il Park) ; 박창현(Chang-Hyun Park)

A Study on the Conceptual Design and Verification for Development of Smart Arc Eliminator

김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim) ; 김정배(Jung-Bae Kim) ; 윤순일(Soon-Il Yoon)

The Study on Working System for Definitions of IEV Korean Terms for Registration in IEC Electropedia

황유모(Humor Hwang) ; 김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim) ; 손수국(Su-Goog Shon)

Load Forecasting Algorithm for Special Days by Considering Temperature Sensitivity and BTM Estimation

권보성(Bo-Sung Kwon) ; 배동진(Dong-Jin Bae) ; 문찬호(Chan-Ho Moon) ; 송경빈(Kyung-Bin Song)

Switching Surge Simulation of VCB for Reactor Coolant Pump Motor and Coping with Motor Trip by Surge Arrester Failure

토마스 쥬마 칼렌가(Thomas Tsuma Kalenga) ; 장중구(Choong-koo Chang)

A Study on the Economic Analysis and the Diffusion Strategy of P2G-based Microgrid

황성욱(Sung-Wook Hwang) ; 이학주(Hak-Ju Lee) ; 김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim)

A Study on the Appropriate Resource Configuration for Microgrid Considering Peak Curtailment and the Uncertainty of Energy Resources

김정훈(Jung-Hoon Kim) ; 이유석(Yu-Seok Lee) ; 이학주(Hak-Ju Lee) ; 황성욱(Sung-Wook Hwang)