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Robust Servo System for Optical Disk Drive Systems

박범호(Park Bum-Ho) ; 정정주(Chung Chung Choo) ; 백종식(Baek Jong-Shik)

Robust Observer-based H_∞ Controller Design Method for Singular Systems with Parameter Uncertainties

김종해(Kim Jong-Hae) ; 안성준(Ahn Seong-Joon) ; 안승준(Ahn Seung-Joon) ; 오도창(Oh Do-Chang) ; 지경구(Chi Kyeong-Koo)

Design of a Fuzzy Re-adhesion Controller for Wheeled Robot

권선구(Kwon Sun-Ku) ; 허욱렬(Huh Uk-Youl) ; 김진환(Kim Jin-Hwan)

A Study On The Characteristics Of The Medium Voltage Power Distribution Line Channel By Wideband Channel Impulse Response Measurement Using PN Sequence

오휘명(Oh Hui-Myoung) ; 최성수(Choi Sung-Soo) ; 이재조(Lee Jae-Jo) ; 김관호(Kim Kwan-Ho) ; 황금찬(Whang Keum-Chan)