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The Electric Properties of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with (Ba,Ca)(TiZr)O_3 Ceramics

윤종락(Yoon Jung-Rag) ; 여동훈(Yeo Dong-Hun) ; 이현용(Lee Heun-Young) ; 이석원(Lee Suk Won)

Specific Heat and Thermal Conductivity Measurement of XLPE Insulator and Semiconducting Materials

이경용(Lee Kyoung-Yong) ; 양종석(Yang Jong-Seok) ; 최용성(Choi Yong-Sung) ; 박대희(Park Dae-Hee)

Fabrication of Microcantilever-based Biosensor Using the Surface Micromachining Technique

유경아(Yoo Kyung-Ah) ; 정승룡(Joung Seung-Ryong) ; 강치중(Kang C. J.) ; 김용상(Kim Yong-Sang)

Temperature Monitoring System of Power MOSFET for IPCM

최낙권(Choi Nak-Gwon) ; 김기현(Kim Ki-Hyun) ; 김형우(Kim Hyoung-Woo) ; 서길수(Seo Kil-Soo) ; 김남균(Kim Nam-Kun)

Study on the Blocking Voltage and Leakage Current Characteristic Degradation of the Thyristor due to the Surface Charge in Passivation Material

김형우(Kim Hyoung-Woo) ; 서길수(Seo Kil-Soo) ; 방욱(Bahng Wook) ; 김기현(Kim Ki-Hyun) ; 김남균(Kim Nam-Kyun)

Development of Nano-Stereolithography Process for Precise Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Micro-Devices

박상후(Park Sang-Hu) ; 임태우(Lim Tae Woo) ; 양동열(Yang Dong-Yol) ; 이신욱(Yi Shin Wook) ; 공홍진(Kong Hong-Jin) ; 이광섭(Lee Kwang-Sup)