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Eletrostatic Discharge Effects on AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor on Sapphire Substrate

하민우(Ha Min-Woo) ; 이승철(Lee Seung-Chul) ; 한민구(Han Min-Koo) ; 최영환(Choi Young-Hwan)

Compatibilizing Effect of SEBS for Electrical Properties of LDPE/PS Blends

김태영(Kim Tae Young) ; 김동명(Kim Dong Myung) ; 김원중(Kim Won Jung) ; 이제혁(Lee Je Hyuk) ; 서광석(Suh Kwang S.) ; 이태희(Lee Tae Hee)

Development of a 3.6 MW, 4 μs, 200 pps Pulse Modulator for a High Power Magnetron

장성덕(Jang Sung-Duck) ; 권세진(Kwon Sei-Jin) ; 배영순(Bae Young-Soon) ; 오종석(Oh Jong-Seok) ; 조무현(Cho Moo-Hyun) ; 남궁원(Namkung Won) ; 손윤규(Son Yoon-Kyoo)

The Influence of Forest Fire on the Characteristics of Polymer Insulator for Transmission Lines

이동일(Lee Donu-Il) ; 정용운(Chung Yong-Woon) ; 유근양(Yu Kun-Yang) ; 최인혁(Choi In-Hyuk)

A Study for DPDT Switch Design with Defected Ground Structure

안가람(An Ka-Ram) ; 정명섭(Jeoung Myeung-Sub) ; 임재봉(Lim Jae-Bong) ; 조홍구(Cho Hong-Goo) ; 박준석(Park Jun-Seok)