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Analyses on the Increment of Surface Hydrophobicity of Epoxy Composites by Thermal Treatment

임경범(Lim, Kyung-Bum) ; 이백수(Lee, Beak-Su) ; 정무영(Chung, Mu-Yong) ; 이덕출(Lee, Duck-Chool)

The Fabrication and Electrical Characteristics of Pentacene TFT using Polyimide and Polyacryl as a Gate Dielectric Layer

김윤명(Kim, Yun-Myoung) ; 김옥병(Kim, Ok-Byoung) ; 김영관(Kim, Young-Kwan) ; 김정수(Kim, Jung-Soo)

Effects of Corona Electrode Shape and Discharge Gap Spacing on Ozone Concentration

박승록(Park, Seung-Lok) ; 이재찬(Lee, Jae-Chan) ; 정성진(Jung, Sung-Jin) ; 문재덕(Moon, Jae-Duk)

A New Pre-Emphasis Driver Circuit for a Packet-Based DRAM

김준배(Kim, Jun-Bae) ; 권오경(Kwon, Oh-Kyong)

The Effect of the Non Soluble Industrial Dust on the Electrical Properties of Distribution Porcelain Suspension Insulators

김찬영(Kim, Chan-Young) ; 송일근(Song, Il-Keun) ; 김주용(Kim, Ju-Yong) ; 한재홍(Han, Jae-Hong) ; 김동명(Kim, Dong-Myung) ; 이병성(Lee, Byung-Sung)

The Analysis for PDP Discharge as a Parameter of Electrode Structure by 3-Dimensional Light Emission Measurement

우석균(Woo, Seok-Gyun) ; 최훈영(Choi, Hoon-Young) ; 이석현(Lee, Seok-Hyun)

Parameter Selection of the Saturable Reactor for Removing Ferroresonance of 362kV Gas VT Using EMTP

최재구(Choi, Jae-Gu) ; 김익수(Kim, Ik-Soo) ; 박경원(Park, Kyoung-Won) ; 송희석(Song, Hee-Suk)