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Operation Analysis of UPQC(Unified Power Quality Conditioner) based on H-bridge Modules

이범규(Lee Bum-Kyoo) ; 배병열(Bae Byung-Yeol) ; 백승택(Baek Seung-Tak) ; 한병문(Han Byung-Moon)

A Study on the Application of HTS Cable in Korean Power System

이승렬(Lee Seung Ryul) ; 김종율(Kim Jong-Yul) ; 윤재영(Yoon Jae Young)

Analysis on Harmonics Characteristics of ELF Magnetic Fields Generated by Electric Appliances

민석원(Min Suk-Won) ; 송기현(Song Ki-Hyun) ; 양광호(Yang Kwang-Ho) ; 주문노(Ju Mun-No)

Evaluation of Long-term Contracts for Market Power Mitigation in Generation Markets

송광재(Song Kwang Jae) ; 허돈(Hur Don) ; 남영우(Nam Young Woo) ; 박종근(Park Jong Keun) ; 정해성(Jeong Hae Seong) ; 윤용태(Yoon Yong Tae)

A Methodological Analysis of Local Market Power and its Application to Korea Electricity Market

신영균(Shin Young-Kyun) ; 이동진(Lee Dong-jin) ; 김발호(Kim Balho H.)