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Title Design and Characteristic Analysis of Motor considering Propeller Structure of Integrated Propulsor for Underwater Drone
Authors 김성안(Sung-An Kim)
Page pp.1010-1015
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Underwater drone; Integrated propulsor; Hubless propeller; Surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor; Response surface method
Abstract This paper presents the design and characteristic analysis of a motor considering the propeller structure of an integrated propulsor for a underwater drone. In order to improve the hydraulic efficiency of the integrated propulsor, it is essential to simplify the structure of propulsor, minimize the motor size and improve the performances of motor. This paper proposes a fixing pin for fastening the rotor of motor and the propeller. Through the basic design of motor size and optimum design considering the proposed structure, it was satisfied with the requirement specifications and performance improvement of the motor. The validity of the design was verified by stress analysis of the propeller and electromagnetic analysis and thermal analysis of the motor.