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Title Operation Control Algorithm Development of Hybrid RDP System considering Ship Dynamic Model
Authors 김성안(Sung-An Kim)
Page pp.1016-1023
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Control algorithm; Rim driven propulsor; Hybrid power system; Ship maneuvering; Fuel consumption
Abstract The performance of a hybrid electric propulsion ship depends on the interaction of the diesel generator and the energy storage system. Therefore, this paper presents a basic design to replace the mechanical-electric propulsion system with the hybrid propulsion system. In addition, an operation control algorithm is proposed to extend the operating time and reduce the fuel consumption of ship. The proposed control consists of three modes based on the output curve according to the motor speed of rim driven propulsor.
ON and OFF operation of diesel generator and the charging and discharging of the energy storage system are determined depending on the control mode. The feasibility of the proposed algorithm is verified by using the load simulation considering the ship dynamic model which improved the conventional simple load profile. As a result, fuel consumption is expected to be reduced by about 4% compared to conventional mechanical-electric propulsion systems.