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Title PID Control Parameters Tuning Technique of Power Plant Based on Genetic Algorithm for Multivariable Control Performance Optimization
Authors 윤수용(SooYong Yun) ; 이학성(Hak-Sung Lee) ; 우주희(JooHee Woo) ; 변승현(Seung-Hyun Byun) ; 최인규(InKyu Choi) ; 이주현(JooHyun Lee) ; 서인용(In-Yong Seo)
Page pp.1-8
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Power Plant Control; Control Performance; Control Parameter Tuning; Optimization; Genetic Algorithm (GA)
Abstract PID controllers are widely used in the power plant control system. Generally, to calculate PID control parameters, the dynamic characteristics should be identified by investigating the variation of the process value according to the variation of the controller output. Based on this characteristics, several tuning methods can be applied to minimize the cumulative error based performance index. The applicability of ITAE(Integral Time Absolute Error) tuning method which has been studied for decades is determined by the range of time-delay/time-constant ratio. By using this method the fast rising time can be expected, but overshoot and oscillation are inevitable. These effects may lead to shorter life spans of the power plant materials because of excessive movement of the parts.
To solve these problems, this paper proposed a PID tuning technique that minimizes cumulative error and overshoot simultaneously by applying genetic algorithm. The performance of the proposed PID tuning technique was verified using power plant simulator, and the performance was excellent compared with ITAE tuning method.