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Title Hosting Capacity Calculation Method for Variable Energy Resources based on the Operation Simulation of Distribution System
Authors 노승길(Seung Gil Noh) ; 최우영(Woo Yeong Choi) ; 유한님(Han Nim Yu) ; 국경수(Kyung Soo Kook)
Page pp.9-15
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hosting Capacity; Variable Energy Resource; Renewable Energy Source; Distribution System
Abstract As the connections of variable energy resources (VER) to the distribution system are recently delayed due to the limited expansion of the network facilities, the accurate calculation of the hosting capacity for VER has become an issue in the distribution system.
The utilities would decide to integrate additional VER in a similar way as they have done for the conventional distributed resources.
However, this method can be too conservative for VER. The capacity factors of VER are usually low due to their dependency on the weather and the correlation with the electric loads is quite high. Therefore, the criteria for allowing those connection should be based on the probable operating conditions rather than the maximum output based operation condition. For doing this, this paper proposes the method of calculating the capacity of the distribution system for hosting VER considering the probable operating conditions based on the time-series based operation simulation.