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Title Design of Matching Transformer for Miniaturization of Wideband Underwater Acoustic Sensor Drive System
Authors 박상욱(Sang-Uk Park) ; 이주찬(Ju-Chan Lee) ; 윤홍우(Hong-Woo Yoon) ; 안병선(Byoung-Sun Ahn) ; 이승훈(Seung-Hun Lee) ; 박재영(Jae-Young Park) ; 목형수(Hyung-Soo Mok)
Page pp.37-41
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Sonar transducer; Miniaturized; Wideband Sensor; Impedance Matching
Abstract To drive the sonar sensor, it consists of a power converter that supplies power, a filter to attenuate harmonics of the power converter, and a matching transformer to attenuate the reactive components caused by the magnitude of the voltage and the structural characteristics of the sensor. In general sonar sensors, filters and matching transformers are designed based on one fundamental wave component to attenuate reactive components. However, sonar sensors in the operating frequency range have difficulty in selecting a standard in the design of a system for driving the same, and there is a problem of overdesigning the power converter more than necessary for the overall operation. In this paper, I propose a design standard for broadband sensors to solve these problems, and propose a method of volume reduction, one of the important factors for sensors mounted in a limited space.