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Title Cycle Nanogenerating System Due to Two-phase Flow of Magnetic Nanofluid-Bubble Driven by Waste Heat Energy
Authors 김수헌(Su-Hun Kim) ; 이세희(Se-Hee Lee)
Page pp.60-65
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Magnetic nanofluid; Nanogenerator; Two-phase Flow; Wasted heat
Abstract As a part of energy conversion technology, we proposed a cycle nanogenerator to produce electric energy through magnetic nanofluid (MNF) flow using waste heat energy from the industry. In the proposed nanogenerator, a heat source causes self-circulation of working fluid by thermosiphon method, and two-phase flow of MNF-bubbles resulting in density difference in the gas-liquid phase. For this reason, the spatial discretization of the magnetic field occurs under an external magnetic field and the induced electromotive force is generated in a solenoid coil by Faraday's law. The power generation test was carried out using magnetic nanofluid containing the iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles were dispersed in a volume ratio of 2% in the distilled water as the base fluid. The effective voltage was generated at the generating part, which was composed of permanent magnet and solenoid coil, by the two-phase flow of MNF-bubbles from 300W heat source.