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Title Electrical and Mechanical Properties for Curing Conditions of HVDC, Silicone / Nano Silica Composite
Authors 박재준(Jae-Jun Park) ; 홍영기(Young-Gi Hong) ; 이재영(Jae-Young Lee)
Page pp.76-81
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Silicone/Nano Silica composites; HVDC Insulation Breakdown Strength; Tensile Strength; Mole Ratio; Curing Condition
Abstract Silica / Nano Silica_20wt% Composite, a new material for power for HVDC, which has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, was manufactured. Electrical and mechanical experiments were carried out to determine the optimum mole ratio of the amount of the silicone resin and the cross-linking agent through the stoichiometric Si-H / Vinyl mole ratio. The hardening conditions were set using the results.
Electrical HVDC breakdown characteristics and mechanical tensile strengths were studied at the optimum molar ratio 2, and the curing conditions were determined according to the characteristics.