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Title Wide Access Visible Light Communication Technique based on Channel Compensation Map for Smart City Indoor Service
Authors 이용업(Yong Up Lee)
Page pp.82-89
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Smart city service; Visible light communication; Wide access communication; Compensation map; Methodology; Transceiver
Abstract The conventional visible light (VL) communication signals based on the LED array and photodiode in the VL channel are severely distorted at the receiving point far away from VL transmitter because of the channel effect of path loss, multipath diffraction, or cochannel interference, and the insufficient compensation of the VL receiver, which results in failure of long-range VL communication for smart city service. In this paper, we consider the wide access VL communication technique that the compensation extent of the channel effect is basically provided in advance by channel compensation map, and proposes the optimal transceiver circuit for wide access VL communication. And so we can see that the proposed wide access VL communication technique overcomes the signal distortion problem through channel compensation by utilizing the optimal threshold voltage of VL receiver, and attains the successful wide access VL communication test in the overall range to 1070 cm distance.