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Title Optimal Value of Parameter α for iPID Control Systems
Authors 최연욱(Yeon-Wook Choe)
Page pp.90-98
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords iPID (intelligent PID) controller; optimal parameters
Abstract This paper is concerned with the problem of determining the intelligent PID (iPID) controller’s 4 parameters, that is,  &      . The iPID was recently proposed by Fliss and Join, and many successful cases of using it have been reported. Although these parameters, especially , is known to have a significant effect on control performance, few studies have been done on an optimal value or setup methods for in relation to the characteristics of the plants.
First, using the Anischronic model, the control performances according to the increase and decrease of  are assessed and based on these results, the optimal values of iPID’s four parameters are given based on the seven plants of various formats. The parameter optimization technique is adopted to determine parameters for iPID controller. Second, check the usefulness of the optimal values proposed with various types of plants.