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Title Feasibility Study of Ultra-Short-Term Heart Rate Variability in Recovery Condition after Exercise
Authors 김진웅(Jin Woong Kim) ; 신항식(Hangsik Shin)
Page pp.114-119
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Autonomic Nervous System; Heart Rate Variability; Mobile Healthcare; Ultra-short-term HRV
Abstract As the application of heart rate variability extends to mobile and wearable devices, time required for analysis is becoming a major issue. There have been many research investigating whether ultra-short-term heart rate variability can replace traditional 5-minute heart rate variability, however, every study is limited to resting condition and are not suitable for application in mobile devices that lies on dynamic condition. The aim of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of the ultra-short-term heart rate variability in dynamic condition such as recovery after an exercise. We analyzed time- and frequency-domain variables of ultra-short-term heart rate variability at 240-, 180-, 120-, 60-, 30- and 10-second Electrocardiogram in recovery condition after exercise. Then, we compared the result of ultra-short-term heart rate variability with the results of 5-minute heart rate variability statistically. Results showed that more than 180-second is required for AVNN, 120-second is required for VLF, 60-second is required for SDNN, SDSD, RMSSD, pNN50, TP and LF, and 30-second is required for HF and LF/HF in recovery conditions.