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Title The Seismic P-wave Detection Algorithm Using Standard Deviation of Impact Momentum Variations
Authors 허경용(Gyeongyoung Heo) ; 최훈(Hun Choi)
Page pp.144-151
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Seismic P-wave detection; Impact movement variations; 3-sigma; Variable threshold value; Seismic jerk
Abstract In this paper, we propose a new seismic P-wave detection algorithm using the variation of impact movement and the variable threshold. In the proposed algorithm, the seismic P-wave is detected using a sudden change in the impact momentum calculated from the seismic jerk. The threshold to be the reference for sudden change is set from the mean and the standard deviation of the impact momentum changes. In addition, the mean and standard deviation estimated by the iterative method adjust the threshold value according to the SNR of the seismic wave. Using the observed real earthquakes and measured noise in the living area, computer simulations were performed to compare the conventional algorithms with the seismic P-wave detection performance of the proposed algorithm. From the experimental results, it is possible to confirm the superior detection performance of the proposed method and the effectiveness of the threshold adjustment.