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Title Pixel-wise Weighted Composition of Wavelet Planes for Satellite Image Fusion
Authors 김기백(Gibak Kim)
Page pp.152-157
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Image fusion; Satellite imagery; Wavelet plane
Abstract We propose a wavelet-based method for fusing satellite images. The proposed scheme is based on the wavelet decomposition. A linear combination of wavelet planes is presented, which includes terms for avoiding overlapping high frequency component and enhancing details. To consider the local characteristics of image, weights are imposed on each pixel of the image and the high resolution image is synthesized in a pixel-wise fusion. The weights are estimated by least squares method with lowered resolution images and multiplied by a proper scaling factor. In the experiments, using IKONOS and QuickBird satellite image data, we demonstrated that the proposed method outperforms conventional methods in terms of various objective quality measures.