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Title A Study on Validity Verification of Input/Output Process Data and Energy Saving in Water Treatment System Using Calibration
Authors 남의석(Eui-Seok Nahm)
Page pp.177-183
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Activated Sludge Process; Fuzzy Model; Calibration; Environmental Standards; Sewage Treatment; TMS
Abstract There are two major issues for activated sludge process in sewage treatment plant. One is how to make sewage be more clean and the other is the energy saving in sewage treatment process. In order to solve these issues, many studies has developed the model of activated sludge process in sewage treatment plant. But, these models was not effective in real field as to inaccurate or non-verified process data which is used in the model. So, this paper is aimed to verify process data for the performance enhancement of model and real field applications.
The major monitoring data of activated sludge process are chemical oxygen demand, phosphorus, nitrogen, suspended solid in effluent. These are transmitted to the national TMS(Telemetry Monitoring System) at every hour. If these exceed the environmental standard, the environmental charges imposed in regular. So, these water qualities are to be controlled below the environmental standards and are very accurate in operation of sewage treatment plant. NH4, DO(Dissolved Oxygen), MLSS(Mixed Liquid Suspended Solid) are major process data in activated sludge process. But these process data are not verified in the field because of long-using without calibrations. Many operators of the activated sludge process has no confidence in these data as to these reasons and so many research model has not be applied to field.
Almost researches are only to focus on the performance of modeling in activated sludge process. Model structures or decision of input-output of model, parameter tuning are the major research theme. All these are need to pre-process input-output data which are to be used in modeling. So, data verification is to be performed before modeling. So, we propose the real-time calibration that the process data NH4, DO, MLSS is to be verified by compensation method. The validity of the method is proved by applying to the fuzzy model of activated sludge process which was developed in previous research. The result show that the performance of the fuzzy model was improved.