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Title Compression of Elemental Images based on View Image Array Transform in Integral Imaging
Authors 오은주(Eun-Ju Oh) ; 유훈(Hoon Yoo)
Page pp.197-202
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords image compression; integral imaging; H.264/AVC; elemental images; view image array
Abstract This paper proposes a compression method for elemental images based on the view image array transform in integral imaging. As three-dimensional images start to get attention, the integral imaging as an three-dimensional imaging method has been studied actively. Elemental images have a large amount of data since they offer lots of different view points than regular images. For this reason, studies on pre-processing and compression for elemental images are required. In this paper, we proposed a compression method for elemental images based on view image array. An experiment is conducted to evaluate our method. The experimental results indicate that proposed method is effective for the elemental image compression.