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Title Cascading failure Prevention in Electrical Power Protection System of Nuclear Power Plant using IEC61850
Authors 무스타파압델라흐만무스타파(Moustafa Abdelrahman Moustafa) ; 장중구(Choong-koo Chang)
Page pp.203-210
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Cascading Failure; Hanbit NPP; IEC 61850; Protection power system
Abstract Cascading failure is the main mechanism of large blackouts in electrical power systems; this paper analyzes a cascading failure in Hanbit nuclear power plant unit (2) caused by a circuit breaker (CB) operation failure. This malfunction has been expanded to the loss of offsite power (LOOP). In this study, current practices are reviewed and then the methodologies of how to mitigate cascading failures in protection power systems are introduced. A description of the implementation-as a key solution-of the IEC61850 GOOSE message, together with zone selectivity interlocking was described. In consideration of ZSI blocking time, attention should be paid to all contributing factors such as circuit breaker tripping time, relay responding time and communications traveling time in the communication network. The aim of this paper is to establish the influence of cascading failure in NPP electrical protection power system and propose preventive actions of this failures. Finally, the expected advantages and challenges are elaborated.