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Title B-H Loop Simulation of Hysteresis Motor after Entering Synchronous Speed Using Inverse Preisach Model
Authors 한지훈(Ji-Hoon Han) ; 최동진(Dong-Jin Choi) ; 박상욱(Sang-Uk Park) ; 홍선기(Sun-Ki Hong)
Page pp.419-426
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Hysteresis motor; Dynamic analysis; Synchronous speed; Hysteresis loop; Preisach model
Abstract The output of the hysteresis motor decreases after entering the synchronous speed. This means that the area of the rotor B-H loop is reduced to fit the load. For the dynamic analysis of this motor, the loop area needs to be calculated to determine the output.
However, the studies so far did not consider the variation of the hystreresis loop after synchronization or just simplifies the minor loops as a line with constant permeability. In this study, an algorithm that can simulate the actual loop variance is proposed using the inverse Preisach model for more realistic simulation. When the motor speed becomes synchronous speed, the phase of flux density is reduced, then for each point the minor loop is calculated and the corresponded magnetic field intensity is calculated. It was confirmed that more realistic synchronous entry loop simulation can be performed by comparing with the Kataoka approach.