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Title Frequency Response Analysis in Motors with Shaft Voltage Mitigation Methods
Authors 임준혁(Jun-Hyuk Im) ; 박준규(Jun-Kyu Park) ; 허진(Jin Hur)
Page pp.427-434
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Bearing fault; Common-mode voltage; Motor fault; Shaft voltage; PWM inverter
Abstract In PWM based inverter driven motor, shaft voltages usually cause bearing fault. Many methods to mitigate the shaft voltages have been proposed. Since the high frequency components are hazardous to bearing, it is necessary to analyze the frequency responses for each shaft voltage mitigation method. In this paper, frequency responses of three shaft voltage mitigation methods are analyzed and compared. First, equivalent circuit models regarding geometric shape of motor are presented. Second, modified models of each equivalent circuit containing shaft voltage reduction methods are proposed. Finally, the comparison of the frequency responses for each shaft voltage mitigation method is presented.