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Title Analysis of Cross-regulation Characteristic in Multi-Output LLC Resonant Converter Considering Transformer Leakage Inductance
Authors 김성재(Sung-Jae Kim) ; 김종수(Jong-Soo Kim)
Page pp.442-449
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LLC resonant converter; Multi-winding; Cross-regulation; Voltage transfer ratio for multi-output structure; Leakage inductanc
Abstract This paper presents analysis and experimental results of cross-regulation characteristics in multi-output LLC resonant converter focus on transformer leakage inductance. The detail leakage inductance is extracted using the multi-winding transformer equivalent model, and the effects of leakage inductance on the cross-regulation characteristics under two load conditions are investigated. The analytical results are verified through an experiment results using 240W 4-output LLC resonant converter. Furthermore, the solution for reducing the cross-regulation error is discussed.