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Title Decision Making Method of Random Fault Correction Using Statistical Inference
Authors 박해리(Haerhee Park) ; 황익호(Ick Ho Whang)
Page pp.503-509
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Random fault Correction; Statistical inference; stochastic modeling; statistical decision making; binomial distribution; interval estimation; hypothesis test
Abstract The complex system to consist of several subsystems is developed by correcting errors or faults found through many kinds of tests.
These errors can be classified into two categories according to regularity; systematic error and the random error. Systematic errors are always occurred at the same condition, same time and same period. But random error is occurred occasionally and may be occurred or not at the same condition. Therefore the suitable method for decision making of random fault correction is needed. In this paper, the statistical method to find whether random fault is corrected or not is proposed. First, random faults are modeled stochastically and the method using statistical hypothesis test is presented to decide that random errors of the system is corrected.
Also, the way to obtain the minimum test number for verifying correction of system is showed. Finally, usefulness and validity of proposed method is proved by applying some examples.