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Title Technical Standard for Conformity Assessment of PV Power Generation System in Korea
Authors 윤용호(Yong-Ho Yoon)
Page pp.510-515
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PV System; PV Inverter; PV Module; PV Junction Box; Monitoring Device; Technical Standard
Abstract Currently, KS certification system for new and renewable energy facilities in Korea is operated at the level of issuing KS certification mark through factory audit and performance audit by individual product unit. Therefore, the technical standards and performance evaluation when constructing the system by organically integrating each subsystem such as PV inverter, photovoltaic module, photovoltaic junction box, and monitoring device. In this regard, it is not currently reflected in the KS certification system for new and renewable energy facilities in Korea. In addition, domestic photovoltaic power generation system construction is being supplied to public institutions and government offices through the Public Procurement Service's excellent product system. Only the GS-certified product registered in the copyright and technology development successful product of R&D business is applied, but the performance evaluation of the technical standard of each system unit is not made. As a result, most of the domestic photovoltaic power generation system builders are evaluated for the performance of the photovoltaic power generation system by issuing a report through their own test evaluation by a domestic accredited testing institute for the purpose of registering the successful product development of the R&D business of the excellent product system. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a specification related to system diagnosis evaluation through status information in case of interoperation and abnormality between subsystems.